If you have any questions regarding this amazing breed or would just like to hear a little more information, feel free to contact us. We'd love to get together and help spread the world of our amazing dog and how much our Pitbull has affected our family. 

I hope I gave you a little bit more understanding of one of the breeds we cherish and love here at Kingsboro Doodle Ranch. Our Pitbull, Hercules, is my daughters best friend. We have been fighting cancer in him for 7 years and still, today, he has a good nature, he is kind, forgiving, and a gentle creature. He has had over 16 surgeries and he lost a leg due to the horrific disease. Upon meeting him, you will see he holds no grudge to the world. He is a very happy, very content dog who loves his family (especially his little girl) and knows that we love him just as much. Please keep our family dog in mind when Breed Specific Legislation comes to your town. We love our dogs as part of our family and would never want to be forced to part with one. 

Dress up with Hercules

It wasn't until the 1980s where people started to get a bad impression of the breed. Due to their strength, intelligence and loyalty... Pitbulls became the prime target for gangsters to use to show dominance. They started to use Pitbulls in dog fights against each other, showing how strong and loyal their dog is in the hopes that it would make them appear strong and dominant. They bet on these fights and they trained these dogs to do as they're told. Pitbulls, who love their owners through thick and thin, became the victim. They will fight to the death if that's what their owners want them to do. So, as a result, the breed got a bad reputation for listening and succeeding to what their owners asked of them. This is what is so upsetting to me. The dogs do not ask to be put in this situation or in these types of homes... we, as people, are responsible. 

As if dog fighting isn't enough for this poor breed, the Pitbull became very popular within "low-income" districts. The people who purchased these dogs, not as family members but as hierarchy symbols, did not use their funds to spay and neuter them. As a result, our shelters around the world are full with Pitbulls and Pitbull Mixes, some waiting for homes that might never come and some that are waiting for death due to the cities Breed Specific Legislation Laws. These dogs all have feelings and emotions. They came into this world as innocent puppies. We make our animals who they are as they grow, just like our children. You raise them with love and compassion and they are the most amazing animals. I urge you to go meet a pitbull, whether a friend owns one or you go to your local shelter to spend time with one who does not have a home... or you come to our ranch and meet our Hercules. You will be amazed to see that the bad reputation is just that... a reputation. 

‚Äč"America's Dogs" (yes, that is what Pitbulls had been known as in the past), are known for their loyalty and faithfulness to their family. They strive to understand what you expect from them and how they are going to accomplish it. They are most happy when they are pleasing their owners and will have a tail wagging the whole time. They have been used in our military as service dogs who have gone to fight for our country... check out Sergeant Stubby from our first World War. You might remember Petey, the dog from the hit movie The Little Rascals. Petey was a Pitbull Terrier who became the star of the movie because he portrayed the gorgeous animal in the true light. Pitbulls are loving, gentle, loyal and and amazingly faithful. The were used as "nanny dogs" in the past to stay home on the farm with the children and to protect them from any harm that might come while the parents worked on the land. They are incredibly intelligent and they will protect their loved ones, just as you would. 

Kylie's Pillow

The Truth about Pitbulls

You may know the breed as "pitbulls" and have a slight discrimination towards them just from what you hear with that name from the news press or concerned citizens who have never truly known a pitbull or who have had a bad experience in the past with the breed. That does happen and I understand the thought process that happens after an incident occurs. However, I urge you, if you are skeptical of this amazing breed, to do a little research for yourself about the breed who still, to this day, will give their life for the ones they love. 

Menifee, CA



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