Loki is an AKC Standard Poodle. He is a black and tan phantom color and has the softest hair. He would be a perfect stud addition for the exotic colors. He loves other dogs and people. He stays near his mama and is living the spoiled life. 

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Multigeneration Labradoodle

Buddy is an awesome boy. He has been raised with a young boy who gets into all the mischief with him. "Partners in crime" has never been more true! He weighs about 45-50lbs and is non shedding. He loves all other animals and will hang on the couch with you all day if you let him (after you throw the ball for him to get all his energy out). 

Labradoodles in Southern California!

How it works

If you are interested in using any of our stud dogs... please contact us directly at 951-729-0972, whether your bitch is already in heat or you are planning for a future cycle. Our stud fees give the bitch up to 3 ties with the stud during her heat cycle. Good communication with the bitch's owner is needed to arrange the proper timing of the "ties". The stud fee is due in cash before the first tie. The bitch will be brought to our ranch where our studs feel comfortable and will perform as needed. 


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