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Bringing Home Your Puppy

​If you're on this site, then you must have a heart that extends towards our animal companions. When visiting the puppies at our ranch, you will meet one of our beloved family members who means the world to our family and is one of the most amazing animals I have ever been around. He is a pitbull. 

Sample Picture

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Our Family 

9We are a family of 4... My fiance and I have 2 children, ages 19 and 14. We own multiple dogs, a cat, 2 pigs, a duck and a tortoise. Our home opens up for homeless animals on a regular basis and we are always ready to help pair your family with a loving family companion!

We try to provide a good breeding program, using dogs who show good traits as well as good temperaments to make amazing puppies who will be low- no shed. We know how important it is to have that loving companion in your home and bed with you through out the day and night and we strive to make the maintenance easier. Our dogs are combined to create large breed, loving companions who can be inside w/o causing an allergic reaction to yourself or others and who make life a bit easier simply due to their hair. As a mother of 2 children and mom to a bunch of our critters... we know every bit helps!

Our breeding program

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The truth about Pitbulls 

Did you know... 

Opossums are North America's ONLY Marsupial (Meaning the mamas carry their young in a pouch). When these awesome creatures are injured or killed, their babies can be alive and well in mamas pouch! Especially in spring time! The baby above was one of 7 babies rescued out of a Mama's pouch when she was killed by being hit by a car. Education is key. It might mean the difference between life and death for these babies!

All of our puppies are born inside our home and raised inside our puppy nursery. While we provide plenty of outside playtime for the puppies (and our adult dogs), none of our animals are expected to sleep outside. As soon as the sun goes down, our animals are all put away into their indoor enclosures due to weather conditions and safety from wild animals that live around our acreage. 

RIP my love.

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