Menifee, CA


Labradoodles in southern California!

Here at our ranch - we breed Labradoodles and Sheepadoodles! Keep an eye on our site to see the different puppies as we post them through out the year! 

What is a Doodle?

There are many different varieties of the "Doodle". The first generation (F1) is the offspring of a purebred (usually shedding) dog, mixed with a purebred Standard Poodle. The F1 labradoodle puppies can be less shedding than your average Purebred dog, but they will not be hypo-allergenic like the Standard Poodle. However, if you breed an F1 Doodle with a purebred Standard Poodle, you get the F1B "Doodle" who is 75% Standard Poodle and 25% (dog of your choice). The F1B "Doodles" usually do not shed and are hypo-allergenic. They have the Poodle hair that's soft and curly and are great for families who have pet allergies. You can also breed an F1 "Doodle" with another F1 "Doodle" (Of the same breed), creating the F2 "Doodle" (2nd generation). Any breeder choosing a pair to breed should consider all traits the pair has to offer. With Labradoodles, breeding the pair that has the best hair type (along with temperament) is key to creating the breed that everyone is falling in love with. The F1B "Doodle" can also be bred to a purebred Standard Poodle. The offspring are F2B "Doodles". These puppies will be NON-shedding due to their higher percentage of Poodle. So if you understand the pattern, you will know that you can breed an F2 "Doodle" with another F2 "Doodle", creating the 3rd generation of "Doodles" (F3). Any generation past the F3 is considered a Multi-generational "Doodle". 

We now accept all major credit cards!!

F1: Purebred Labrador Retriever X Purebred Standard Poodle 

F1B: F1 or higher Labradoodle X Purebred Standard Poodle 

F2: F1Labradoodle X F1 Labradoodle 

F2B: F1b Labradoodle X F1 Labradoodle


          F2 Labradoodle x Standard Poodle

F3: F2 Labradoodle X F2 Labradoodle 

Multi-generational: every generation after an F3 Labradoodle

A Doodle is a hybrid dog that was created from breeding a popular purebred dog that usually shed a lot with the fun - loving Standard Poodle. Both the breeds will have desirable traits that make great family companions. By mixing the two together, you can create a fun - loving, sweet, adorable mixed breed that has low - no shedding hair! The "Doodles" are considered "designer dogs." Most have not yet been recognized by the AKC as a breed of their own... however there are a lot of people who suggest it might happen in the future. For now, we are happy with our designer dogs.