Duke is a sweet, loving and gentle giant. He has a black and white parti colored coat, thick body and large head. Duke loves everyone he meets. He lives with multiple dogs (large and small) along with a young boy who loves him. His sweet nature and lovable personality will be a great addition to our program. 

​Available for hire



Bulldozer (F1 Sheepadoodle) is the cutest, sweetest, most loving dog you could meet. He has gorgeous, soft, non shedding hair that is black, silver and white. He is standard size, weighing about 75 lbs. He loves everyone he meets and is great with other dogs and small animals. His best friend is a 4 year old boy, who he adores. He will sit at your feet and press his whole body against you for some love. We expect great things from Dozer in the fall / winter of 2016.

**Bulldozer resides in a guardian home and so will be exclusive to Kingsboro Doodle Ranch. To keep from upsetting his guardian's schedule he will not be offered as a stud outside our program.**

Logan is purebred Standard Poodle who is mainly white with markings on his head and a light phantom mask. He weighs about 60lbs and is all boy. He loves to go for adventure and runs and is great with any dog he meets. We are extremely excited to add his coloring to our breeding program.

Available for hire - proven stud


Standard Poodle

AKC Registered

Hillbilly is a gorgeous chocolate and white, parti Poodle Stud. He is standard size AKC registered and has the softest hair. He is a sweet boy who loves his mama and has made an incredible addition to KDR. His markings are gorgeous and we are sure hs puppies will be the same. Looking forward to using him in the future!

Available for hire / proven stud

Hillbilly Rockstar

Standard Poodle

AKC  Registered

Labradoodles in Southern California!

How it works

If you are interested in using any of our stud dogs... please contact us directly at 951-729-0972, whether your bitch is already in heat or you are planning for a future cycle. Our stud fees give the bitch up to 3 ties with the stud during her heat cycle. Good communication with the bitch's owner is needed to arrange the proper timing of the "ties". The stud fee is due in cash before the first tie. The bitch will be brought to our ranch where our studs feel comfortable and will perform as needed. 


We now accept all major credit cards!!

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Menifee, CA


Duke / Thor

F1 Saint Berdoodle


Australian Labradoodle

Buddy is an adorable Labradoodle who has a white coat with chocolate markings. He is super sweet, loves to play and loves to be cuddled. He lives with a young boy who shares his adventures and is great with other dogs. Buddy is an adorable boy who makes adorable puppies.

Proven stud / available for hire


Multigeneration Labradoodle 

Zack is a gorgeous chocolate Multigeneration Labradoodle born here at KDR. He is non shedding with a loving dsposition and a very handsome appearance. We believe Zack will be a great addition to our breeding program and are super excited for the summer of 2017 to welcome some gorgeous chocolates to this world. 

​Proven stud / Available for hire