We do NOT have any upcoming Sheepadoodle litters and we will not open a wait list until we do. They will be posted here on our page once we are expecting. 

Labraoodles is Southern California!

Upcoming Litter... 

Menifee, CA


Our Australian Labradoodle Kassidy has been paired with our stud, Zack in the hopes of creating another amazing litter. The puppies are expected to be parti colored and non shedding. They will be 45+lbs full grown. Kassidy loves people and loves belly rubs. She can lay out in the sun for hours and be happy or relax at your feet for comfort. Zack is adventurous and loves to play ball. He is  swimmer and will use any body of water for a playground. 

The wait list will be open after we have a confirmed pregnancy.

Due date: 5-26-20


F1 Sheepadoodle 

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Note: We do NOT breed Miniature size. Our smallest weight bred here is Kassidy's litters who are expected to be 45+lbs full grown.