Menifee, CA


If interested in becoming a guardian parent, please email us and tell us a little about your home and location. 


F1 St. Berdoodle

DOB: 12-23-17

Thor is a gorgeous 1st generation Saint Berdoodle (St. Bernard / Standard Poodle Mix). He lives with his guardian dad and 7 year old, human brother. He is white and black parti colored and LOVES to be lazy. He can sit on his bed (or dads bed) for hours with no real want to go run or work of any kind. He gets along great with other dogs and has no clue how big he really is. Thor is loving life with his dad and will be used in our program next year. 

A guardian home is a simple term used for a home that supports one of our breeding dogs, usually a stud dog. We place our stud dogs with families who are looking to adopt one of our dogs and raise them as their own. They can have children, other animals and pets or be a nice single couple looking for their only companion. This home raises our stud dog and cares for him as their beloved pet. As the dog reaches breeding age, we continue to use him in our program (and select programs of our choosing), until the age of retirement. At that time, we pay for the dog to be neutered at the vet of our choosing and the guardian home fully adopts the stud dog as their personal dog. We do this so that our stud dogs can live normal lives in a normal family and when retired, they do not have to be re-homed after years of being with us. We feel it is the most humane way for our program to have the stud dogs needed to run a program and keep our animals as happy and care free as possible. 

Current dogs in our guardian program! 

Buddy Buckets 

Multigeneration Labradoodle 

DOB: August 26th 2018 

Buddy is a loving and handsome white and parti colored Labradoodle. He lives with his guardian mom and her son who he insists on causing mischief with. He loves his family and knows his job when I come to pick him up. He goes home a happy boy!! Buddy has made some amazing puppies and keeps his family happy with his companionship. 


F2 Sheepadoodle

DOB: 8-8-20

Axle is a 2nd generation Sheepadoodle. He has a deep chocolate and white tuxedo marked coat. Axle hit the jackpot with his loving guardian family. He has 2 legged siblings to play with along with 2 fur brothers to romp around with! One of his brothers is a KDR Labradoodle who will definitely give him a run for his money! Axle gets to be raised in his loving guardian home and will start his stud services once he reaches a mature age. 

Our guardian homes do need to remain local to Menifee, Ca. We seek families in the surrounding areas such as Menifee, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Temecula, Etc. This is required to make the transportation os us easy when the stud dog is needed to come to our home and fulfill his services. We provide all transportation and good communication is key to being a guardian parent. The timing of our breeding is crucial and we will need access to our stud dogs when the time is right. 

What is a guardian home? 

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